Poetry Place  is a non-profit literary organization, located in Jerusalem.

Poetry Place was established in 2002 by poets from the Jerusalem group “Ktovet.” The scope and variety of activities sponsored by Poetry Place is quite broad:

– “Meter al Meter”: The biggest Jerusalem poetry festival:

– The largest-scale interdisciplinary poetry reading performances and writing workshops in Israel

– Video documentation project of poets reading from their works

– Photography and poetry exhibitions

– National writing workshops on the subject of social poetry, geared towards special needs populations

– Project for the translation of Israeli poetry into English on what is arguably the most important poetry website in the world – PIW:

– The College of the Literary Arts: a post-secondary school in Jerusalem for the literary arts. The school is a unique institution not affiliated with any university, and unlike any institution existing today in Israel or the world.

Poetry Place occupies a unique spot in Israel’s literary landscape, and especially in Jerusalem’s inner city life, combining the cultivation of an appreciation for poetry, support for disadvantaged sectors of society, and the fostering of culture in Jerusalem’s urban center. It has a well-defined contemporary, literary-cultural agenda, which it promotes through participating in numerous literary and arts festivals, leading workshops for creative writing, and publishing critical essays on its website. Poetry Place has provided a warm and welcoming home for lovers of literature since it was founded in 2002.

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